LPN Careers Can Now Be Achieved Through Online Schooling

I worked as a nursing assistant for three years at our local hospital and loved every minute of it. Although it’s somewhat a tough job, it pays well so there’s no problem for me, since I earn what I worked for. They say that in order to be good at what you do, you have to love it. I guess what keeps me energized every time I work is my passion for helping people, especially the sick. It’s the reason why I entered a nursing career in the first place. According to my mother, I used to nurse all the injured pets I came across with when I was little. I remember back in high school, I was assessed to either be a social worker or a nurse in the future. I chose the latter.I really wanted to study to become an RN, but the waiting list at the community college applied for was too long. I couldn’t wait anymore so I decided to study to become a CNA or a certified nursing assistant instead. I knew that by becoming one, I am stepping closer to my dream of becoming an RN. Some people think that dressing, bathing, and feeding the elderly and the sick is hard and gross, but I feel the opposite. I treat each of my patients with respect, and I care for them like I was caring for my grandmother. Our family took care of my grandmother when she was old and sick, until her death. My mother refused to send her to a home for the aged facility. I guess I am not the only one in the family who has a “nursing” heart after all. My mother’s action motivated me further to enter a nursing career.One more factor that made me love my work as a CNA are the people I worked with. All of the doctors, nurses, orderlies, and staffs at the hospital I worked with were all friendly and supportive. Maybe it’s the reason why patients prefer us over another nearby hospital. They felt really cared for when they go to the hospital where I worked. Because of my enjoyment I almost forgot about moving forward in my career. Moving forward meant possibly leaving the hospital to pursue further studies, so I put it on hold.I knew distance learning is possible for a long time. One of my cousins took an interior design course online. What I wasn’t aware of was that nursing courses can now be taken online too! I only discovered this fact when I was browsing the internet one day. I found out that RN career degree can now be acquired online, as well as CNA careers online education, and LPN careers online schooling are now being offered. Seeing this as an opportunity, I researched more about online nursing courses. When I got convinced that they are legitimate, and after checking with our state’s nursing board online training programs are accepted, I searched for the best school to apply for. I decided to move from CNA to LPN since it’s the smartest choice from the articles I read. Besides, I like moving up the ladder slowly but surely.What I loved most about my LPN online course is that it allows me to continue working while I study. I am glad they came up with online nursing courses because it’s very convenient to people who wants to pursue a nursing career, or want to further their current nursing careers, just like me.

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